Possibility of Wako Product

We pursue the possibility of soybeans, and try a various of food. We are product development and consultancy

food origin of soybean

development of processed raw material

Vegetable material stemming of a large variety of soybeans original・The sale of bean curd additives・Productive assistance for making deep-fried bean curd

consultancy (product development・guidance for cleaning )

Services Consulted by Wako Food: Example

  • Productive assistance for making bean curd and deep-fried bean curd
  • guidance for cleaning of making bean curd and deep-fried bean curd
  • New product development used soybeans mainly
  • production technology using soybeans of processed food like meat
  • quality improvement and preservation used soybeans original
  • product development of sweets without using animal raw materials
  • product development of making bread by using soybeans