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Since 1982, we have been continuing to sell many soybeans to food companies at home and overseas.

We visit local of soybean producers, where advise them to check qualities and to develop some seeds. We told them the favorite taste of soybean original for Japanese people.We got it how to use soybeans in a lot of bean cultivations while staying in local. It is possible to utilize the effectiveness.

And now supply and demand on food can’t balance because of an increase in population in the world, and the food originated have piled up the health issue. One of the best solutions is “soybeans”.

Asia people consume an amount of “soybeans”, however, those who are some countries except Asia don’t eat them. We show them the good points of “soybean” and hope to their consumption. In order to solve this problem, we will do our best.

If you are interested in the possibility of soybeans, we will be sure to support you.

Company Profile

Firm name

WAKO FOODS Company, Limited
address zip code 664-0081 8-46,Konyou ,Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture
foundation September 22 1982
Representative Makoto Nagajima
Telephone Number +81 072-777-0681
Fax Number +81 072-772-5167
products 1. soybeans (Japan, Canada ,Us and so on)
2.edible fat and oil(rapeseed oil, soybean oil and so on)

possessing technology ・patent(Patent applications)

1)Register of Patents

1.Register Number 6334797 “a coagulating agent of soybeans, how to make it, and how to make soybeans”/p>

2)Examiner’s decision of trademark registration

1.Application Number 2017-005939 “The material containing bean curd and how to make it”

3)Applied for patent

1.Application Number 2016-181499 “Concentrated soy milk containing submersible emulsion and how to make it”

2.Application Number 2016-216735 “Concentrated soy milk in the fermentation and how to make it”

3.Application Number 2017-223863 “ Soy milk containing oil in water type emulsion and how to make it”

4.Application Number WO2018/008476 “soybeans of processed food like meat, how to make it and prepared food”